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Cheap package holidays to New York

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New York City, the Big Apple, Gotham, home to Wall Street and the Empire State Building, is a place with many names and a storied past that hardly needs an introduction. Next to Florida and California, it's on the top of the itinerary for any Brits planning an American holiday.

Not to worry though, since cheap package holidays to New York provide the perfect solution for an event filled getaway that won't break the bank.

Experience the city that never sleeps with package holidays to New York


Not only do holiday packages and tours offer you bargains not available elsewhere, but they also take much of the stress and hassle out of travelling. After all, a holiday abroad is supposed to be the one time when you really can relax and enjoy yourself without the extra hassle of booking rooms, tours, etc. Which isn't to say that package holidays are free from fun or adventure; quite the contrary, since many packages have such exciting activities as Broadway shows, Central Park horse drawn carriage rides, and Statue of Liberty visits on their schedule.

Whilst package holidays to New York City might not be as sun filled as Majorca or Florida, they will still offer plenty of exciting activities for people to do. Whether you want to visit the top of the Empire State Building, the Twin Towers memorial, or go shopping at exclusive department stores and boutiques on Fifth Avenue, the urban metropolis that is NYC offers something for everyone, with New York package holidays for all.

What can holiday makers do on cheap package holidays to New York?

Lovers of art and culture will want to book a tour with a stop at the Natural History Museum, a Broadway play, and maybe even an opera at the MET on Lincoln Center. Those looking to just see the general sites, will want a cheap holiday to New York with an inclusive Manhattan bus ride, a stop at Times Square, a carriage ride in Central Park, and naturally visits to both the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. Even though New York doesn't have much on Florida in the beach department, in the summer a detour to Coney Island is a great place to get some sun and also ride the legendary Cyclone roller coaster.

Finally, regardless of which cheap package holidays to New York that you decide on, you'll still have plenty of time for two things New York is best known for, namely, shopping and eating. With trendy shops in neighbourhoods like the East Village or Soho, to the elite boutiques of fifth avenue, there's something to suite every style and taste. The same is true for dining opportunities, which range from a classic New York hot dog, to world-renowned French restaurants like Lutece, or steakhouses such as The Strip House.

Quite simply, New York City is an unrivalled location when it comes to attractions, food, shopping and activities. It's easily a place you ought to experience at least once on one of the many available cheap package deals to New York.

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