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Cheap Package Holidays to Madeira

Madeira is an archipelago that is part of Portugal, one of the Iberian nations of Europe. A holiday to Madeira is a lovely alternative to an identikit option of going to Spain or the Algarve. The great thing about going to Madeira on a package holiday is the amount of money you will save the great time you will have whilst on your package holiday. Start this journey today by organising your package holiday to Madeira from the UK.

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Cheap holidays to Madeira

Madeira is an autonomous region of Portugal, with many islands (including the eponymous island itself) as well as smaller islands and islets. This little known fact means you can visit so much whilst on a holiday in Madeira. An archipelago means that each island will add a different flavour to your package holiday. Start with the beaches for example. You know that your children are getting over the winter chill.

Why not speed this up and organise a package holiday in Madeira where they can visit the beaches? This is where your little children can build sandcastles, your older children can wade into the water and your more adventurous children can even play watersports. As a parent, there is nothing more wonderful than seeing your children enjoying themselves out on the beach. Experience this inexplicable feelings today on your package holiday to Madeira.

If you want a quirkier look at the Madeiran archipelago, why don't you rent a boat and visit the Desertas Islands? This serves two purposes: if you are a solo traveller who wants to look at rugged, uninhabited terrain, go with a pre-organised group to the Desertas Islands. If you want to show your family another part of the archipelago, charter a boat to these islands. Known for their scenic beauty, they will provide a lovely antidote to a high octane Madeiran holiday.

Going to Madeira is also a brilliant idea if you are already familiar with Portugal. Even if you know the Algarve, Porto, and Lisbon like the back of your own hand, why don't you go to Madeira? The main island of which Funchal is based, and the capital of Madeira proves an insight into how residents of Madeira have fused a unique culture of Madeira and Portugal into their lifestyle, cooking and art. You will not be alone. Footballing ace Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Funchal, Madeira and we all know how successful he has been thanks to his native island!

What's there to do on cheap package holidays to Madeira

When you go to Madeira, consider it as a place to go with your spouse or partner. The romanticism of the Madeira landscape means you can literally escape into the land of the island and feel part of the fabric there. You can get this feeling when you book yourself and your spouse or partner into your hotel and start your package holiday. This is because every inch of Madeira is truly something special for each person that visits it.

The golf courses of Madeira are absolutely legendary. Instead of going to St Andrews for golf which may be cold, go in the warm sun of Madeira. Golf courses at places such as Santo do Serra and Palheiro are popular with many travellers because of how fun they are. The verdant green golf courses are the perfect environment to take your son or father for a package holiday that dreams are made of.

Top Pick: When you are finished there, top off your Madeira package holiday with a visit to the Jardim Botanico (the Botanical Gardens) which showcases the island's unique flora which is incredibly vibrant to look at with the human eye.

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