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This is the airport of choice for people who know what they want from a holiday. If a holiday is all about adventure for you, you must depart from Dublin Airport to ensure you get all the key things from your holiday destination: energy, passion and fun. 

People from Dublin who are adventurous choose some of the following Dublin Airport destinations for package holidays and sleek weekend breaks:

Barcelona: This Spanish hotspot is catered by Dublin Airport for travellers who want something new in their life. A Barcelona holiday will give you something extra to think about. It will inspire you to live an alfresco life, as well as well give you many chances to work on your tan. Flying to Barcelona from Dublin Airport is simple. All you have to do is think about how much you want to pay for your budget and then coordinate how you plan to travel to Dublin Airport. 

Amsterdam: This is a popular destination from Dublin Airport. The Netherlands and in particular Amsterdam is a place for people who adore culture yet who also want to be in a European city with its own distinct identity. If you are smart and adore socialising, you will make plenty of new friends during a holiday to Amsterdam. 

Flights from Dublin Airport to Amsterdam are cheap and quick: you will be roaming the streets of Amsterdam in no time. People who go to Amsterdam from Dublin Airport will also find it easy to change their flights should they feel like staying on. You may be tempted to do this if you are going to Amsterdam for your holiday. There is no need to worry because going from Dublin Airport makes it flexible to change your plans. 

Dublin Airport is the ideal choice for young people who know what they want from their holidays abroad in Europe and across the world. 

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