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Oh la la ...Cheap holidays to France!

As one of the largest countries, France has a diverse range of activities to offer the discerning holidaymaker who is on a budget. If you choose a package holiday, France will open up many fantastic things for you to do. Key cities to visit include the capital, Paris, and towns such as Orleans. A package holiday to France can accommodate all types of budgets and provide you with a lasting holiday experience.

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Travelling as a family to France is a lovely way to experience continental Europe. Celebrity and WAG Coleen Rooney and her family recently made a trip to Lourdes in France. Not only can everyone travel to iconic places such as Lourdes, you can do it on a package holiday without spending much money.

Lourdes is a famous destination for pilgrims across the world because it is celebrated for spiritualism and connections to early Christianity. If you want to try a family holiday that is slightly more rugged, try the French Pyrenees. A lush, verdant area of stunning landscapes, it is the type of place that adds character and colour to your holiday in France. You can go on long walks in the area and admire the natural beauty with your family.

If you like the idea of injecting some history into your holiday, visit Normandy in the north of France. This region of France is rich with history such as the Dieppe Raid in World War II which happened in Normandy. If you wondered why the island of Jersey has such a strong French influence, it is the Norman factor. A cheap holiday where Normandy is at the centre can suit the historically minded couples or independent solo travellers who know there is more to France than the Eiffel Tower.

If you are a new visitor to France, make Paris your first stop and do this affordably by taking the Eurostar train from London. If you are going on another getaway to France, try somewhere else such as Nice for your first stop. From here, you can connect to Paris via rail, which is a budget friendly option for transport within the country.

If you are choosing your package holiday to France, be aware if it is suitable for your needs. Travelling as a family with children means areas that allow for exploration such as the Pyrenees are ideal. If you want to plan a romantic package holiday to France for your spouse or partner, Paris will do the trick. Solo travellers should take into consideration other large cities such as Lille and Lyon for some authentic French flair.

When travelling to France, it goes without saying that the language of the nation is central to French culture. When you are on your package holiday, use your phrasebook that you can purchase before you depart from the UK. Make an effort to order a meal in French when you go to a restaurant. It makes a world of difference because it shows respect for the country. It also makes locals more keen to help you when they see you are trying to speak their language.

A cheap holiday to France will be laden with all types of goodies. From world class cuisine to beautiful architecture, when you visit France, you are experiencing a slice of undiluted travel excellence. Experience a new side of France when you go on your package holiday.

Top Pick: The French are known for their prowess with confectionery. France has created many word class pastry chefs. Ladurée is a famous confectionery company that created the first double macaroon. Visit their shop in the Champs-Elysées for a sweet end to your French holiday.

Say Bonjour with cheap package holidays to France

Love, cheese, wine and shopping: if these top your 'desire-list', France is your ultimate destination! Meaning different to different people, holidaying in France is the dream of many and if you are one of them, you deserve that chance with the help of our cheap package holidays to France, the land of riches and splendor! France is famous for several things and so it can offer so many types of holidays which act as a thorough escape from your hectic lives.

Paris, the city of love is of course the main center of attraction; many other cities and country-side towns in France are also amazing holidaying options. France has got something for each one of us:

If you love pristine beaches, Cote d'Azur, Marseille and Nice are the best options; if you love snow-clad places with skiing activities, the Rhone-Alps is just for you. On one hand, while the north east boasts of places like Alsace, Champagne Ardenne and Franche Comte, the northwest on the other hand takes pride in Brittany, Western Loire and Normandy.

The capital city Paris is itself flocked with activities and sightseeing including the river Seine, La Louvre museum, La Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower), Champs-Elysees, art museums, excellent restaurants, the palace and plenty of wineries and wine-tasting rooms. Southern France is rich with beautiful countryside villages and sophisticated towns like Bordeaux, Toulouse, Montpellier, Grenoble and Dijon. Holidays to France would include exciting tours around the French countryside as well.

Only the best for packge holidays to France - where the beaches are beautiful, the air feels warm, and the food tastes great!

Commercial and business cities carry their own elegance and class; cities such as Strasbourg, Lyon, Grenoble, Nancy and Orleans are notable business towns with huge skyscrapers and commercial buildings.

What is amazing is that every regions boasts of its cuisine; if fact their different types of cheese and wine is something you would completely adore. Food and drink play a vital role in France and gourmands would love it here. Chic & urbane fine-dining restaurants offer the best French cuisine along with world-class wine with posh and elegance; traditional dishes, home-cheese and fresh wine are best tasted at countryside restaurants.

If water sports and snow activities have tired you, try visiting the brave vineyards and sophisticated wineries hidden in France. Plus, the culture and history of France is so rich in itself that they can capture a few days to take to back into its lavish pre-historic times; the castles, palaces, ruins at Versailles, the museums and the rustic ambience in a few ancient towns speak for themselves. If you want more, try catching up with the on-going fashion shows showcasing the latest trends and designers; it is amazing to witness the changing trends right in front of you!

If you have loved the nation, try some French-style entertainment at the exceptional, out-of-the-world operas and theaters. Shopping is the most exciting activity in France; at every lane, you would find something pick up, right from shoes to clothes to bags to books! Exploring the cities and towns is a unique experience in itself which leaves you with memories for a life and while you pick up exciting souvenirs for your beloved, France personally gifts your with only more and more of love and affection to take back home!

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